Video Trailer

Please check out my new trailer, highlighting the range of training programmes that I offer including, strength training, olympic weightlifting, basic calisthenics, kettlebell training, nutrition & weight management and martial arts training.

Weight Loss

Every year in January, gyms across the world become over populated with people who have found a fresh determination to reach their fitness goals. What’s the number one goal this time of year? To lose the Christmas pounds and return to an ideal weight. One lady that knows all about this is my client Bianca […]

Martial Arts

There are many benefits to your child learning martial arts. Here are just five reasons to get them started. 1) Physical development – In an age where TV, Xbox, and smart phones consume too much of our children’s time, taking the time out to participate in regular structured exercise is a must. Martial arts requires children to […]


Things to consider before you begin training in 2017. 1) Define your goals What is it you are trying to achieve? What do you need to do in order to get it done? This sounds obvious but I meet so many clients for the first time that really struggle to answer this question. “Get fit”, […]