Every year in January, gyms across the world become over populated with people who have found a fresh determination to reach their fitness goals. I started back at the gym today and already noticed many new faces and lots of shiny new training shoes. Maintaining motivation is difficult, especially if you lack direction with your […]

Taekwondo Syllabus

This post is for all students on the Taekwondo programme and working towards their next grade. It is intended to be a source of reference to the movements and techniques practiced within the class. Each grading will consist of the following components – Fundamentals (Basic motions), Self Defence, Sport Sparring, Breaking and Patterns. Below you […]

Taekwondo Poomsae (Patterns)

There are five components that form the Taekwondo syllabus. These are as follows: Fundamentals (kibon tallyon) Self defence (hoshin) Sport sparring (shihap kyorugi) Breaking (kyokpa) Patterns (poomsae) Patterns are practiced in order to ingrain basic movements and combinations. They allow the practitioner to develop many aspects of Taekwondo such as speed, fluidity, co-ordination, strength, power, […]

The Wattbike

The Wattbike is one of the best indoor bikes available today and has been created to be versatile enough to train elite athletes and beginners alike. I would recommend that if you haven’t already used this piece of equipment then take a look the next time you are at the gym. Maybe you are already […]