Weight Loss

Bianca's incredible story

Weight Loss

Every year in January, gyms across the world become over populated with people who have found a fresh determination to reach their fitness goals. What’s the number one goal this time of year? To lose the Christmas pounds and return to an ideal weight.

One lady that knows all about this is my client Bianca Richardson. Those of you that have been following my Facebook posts for a while will have seen her progress. Bianca lost an astonishing 7 stone 10lbs! (108lbs / 49kg).

I recently asked Bianca to share her story, hopefully it will inspire you like it has so many others.

What was the motivation behind you wanting to lose the weight?

“That’s easy, my children and my health. I have three children with additional needs so as well as being their mum I am also a carer to my eldest child. Also for health & well being, I have a spinal condition called scoliosis and my weight was putting more & more pressure on my back & hips to the point that some days I could barely move due to the pain. The year I decided I needed to do something and make a change had also been a difficult year for our family due to a number of different things that had happened. This was a driving force to get me started”.

How did you do it?

“To begin with I decided I needed to do more exercise and make some serious changes to my lifestyle, so I joined a gym, and started doing regular exercise with the help of Matt. I also made serious changes to my diet, cutting out most of the junk foods and replacing them with a more healthy diet. I gave up smoking at the same time too. To help me with this I joined a slimming club as I knew I wouldn’t of been able to do it on my own. I also had the added incentive of needing to have an operation, I simply had to lose the weight!”

What advice would you give to people trying to achieve their target weight loss in the new year?

“Do it! Don’t give up, the hardest part is taking that first step and believe in yourself that you can do it! When I first walked into a gym I almost walked straight out again , I was convinced I was the fattest person in there and everyone would laugh at me for my size but with the help of a fab personal trainer and having the right support around me I proved myself and those who didn’t think I could do it wrong. It wasn’t easy at all, I had moments were I wondered if it was really worth it and then I looked at my kids and remembered why I was doing this. With a lot of hard work and perseverance I was able change things around I am now 7 stone 10lbs lighter, my overall health has improved & I have managed to keep that weight off”.

So that gives you a brief insight into Bianca’s story. If you have decided that 2017 will be your year, then go for it! Just decide! Choose to make it happen. As Bianca has explained, anticipate a few set backs along the way but stay focused. Gather as much support from the people around you as you can and go and get it done!