Martial Arts

Five benefits for children

Martial Arts

There are many benefits to your child learning martial arts. Here are just five reasons to get them started.

1) Physical development – In an age where TV, Xbox, and smart phones consume too much of our children’s time, taking the time out to participate in regular structured exercise is a must. Martial arts requires children to develop all aspects of their fitness. Improvements in strength, flexibility and stamina can be noticed within just a few months of training.

2) Improved concentration and focus – Many martial arts are rich in eastern traditions and philosophy and as a result effectively combine mind and body training. Having to practice new and often challenging skills, not only develops the body but improves the ability to listen, focus and learn. From many years of coaching and working with children I have noticed that these skills often transfer to good behaviour at home or at school.

3) Social interaction – This is perhaps one of the most important benefits of all. Children that participate in regular classes often develop new friendships and improve their social skills. Within lessons, children learn to work together, performing partner drills and team games in a fun learning environment. Face to face interaction away from social media also allows for more traditional values to be maintained.

4) Goal setting – If you have ever tried to improve at anything you will understand the importance of goal setting. Martial arts provides the perfect opportunity for this with the belt/grading system. Every few months children will be working towards their next belt or stripe which will help to keep them focused and moving forwards. If your child is interested in competing this too can be incorporated into the training schedule, if they’re not, they can still develop with technical gradings. Martial arts, although practiced as a group, is very much an individual activity, giving children the space to develop on their own personal journey.

5) Life skills – Sadly the world is a dangerous place and these dangers are all around the people we love the most, our children. I have always likened martial arts to first aid training, you will never know when those skills might be needed and save a life. Everybody should know how to protect themselves in an unfortunate situation. Martial arts training provides the awareness, confidence and skills to help avoid these dangers.

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