Outdoor Training

Any ground can be your training ground

Outdoor Training

Is outdoor training right for you?

Outdoor training is a fun and alternative way to mix up your workouts. It will provide you with the opportunity to step out into the sunshine and vary your program over the summer. Below are two options for you to consider before taking your training to the outdoors.

Personal Training Outdoors

During the summer months, many clients choose to take their training outside. This provides a great alternative to gym sessions and allows the opportunity to explore a different approach to training whilst enjoying the good weather. It is also a great option for those that do not wish to have the commitment of a gym membership.

Outdoor Group Fitness Course

This is an exciting and challenging programme delivered in a six week course. The course is suitable for all abilities and levels as every exercise can be scaled according to your current fitness level.

This group session allows you to stay motivated, meet new people and try a whole range of exercises and drills.

Training outdoors delivers new challenges and is often a welcomed break from training inside, especially over the summer months. Courses typically run from May - September.

Throughout these sessions you will be introduced to a variety of exercises and training concepts that will guarantee improvements to your fitness.





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