Online programs

A one hour workout is only 4% of your day

Online programs

Are online programs right for you?

This option is for those of you that simply want a training programme or series of workouts that you can complete in your own time without the commitment of a scheduled appointment with a trainer. 

What do I get?

You will receive a new series of workouts to complete each month and regular on-going support via text, phone or email.

The workouts can be completed at the gym, at home, in the park - it’s entirely up to you! You simply complete and return the fitness questionnaire and each month I will email you new challenges, new ideas and things to work on.

What if I do not know the exercises or I am unsure of anything?

Simply call or email me with your questions and I’ll get right back to you. Technology is a wonderful thing so I can always send you links, videos, instructional demos, all from my mobile phone. 

What are the advantages?

A completely flexible training programme that you can complete in your own time whilst having the support and guidance of a trainer - after all, lives are busy and some of us struggle and not all of us are able to stick to a fixed routine.


Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and costs.

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Online programs include:

  • Series of workouts (monthly)
  • Instructional demos
  • Video links
  • Hints, tips and knowledge

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